A Proper Lady Taken as Wife

A Proper Lady Taken as Wife
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    千金闲妻 ; Istri Kaya yang Pemalas ; Thiên Kim Nhàn Thê ; Mi Mujer Ideal ; สยบใจนายพลหมาดนิ่ง ;

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    Yoolook culture

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    Drama - Romance - Webtoon

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A Proper Lady Taken as Wife Rating: 4.5/5 - 28 Votes.


When the innocent young lady Tang Youer accidentally barges in the commander Cheng Hanyu's blind date, she instantly becomes his romantic target. With not much effort, she is taken as his wife, but good days never last for long, after being deserted by Hanyu, Tang Youer learns what life is truly about and becomes a real proper lady. One day she comes back with a lovely daughter...

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Author Trả lời
Estie Member 11:22 07/28 Báo vi phạm
Okay the story is nice and arts are okay but beware the ending is super heart wrenching. For now, in Webtoons, the story is marked "complete" with 99 chapters. In the last chapter, the ML went to rescue the pregnant FL and he stayed behind on a detonated ship. There was a huge explosion and the ML's military troup thought he was dead. The last panel was the FL visiting the unamed ML's grave with their infant son. When she left the graveyard with her farewell to their love and the ML, she passed by a man. That man was the ML himself, disguising himself so that the FL didn't realise him. The story ends there. I'm not sure if there'll be season 2 because in the raw comic, the author mentioned the comic and their journey ended there.
It was absolutely the most infuriating, heart wrenching and confusing ending I've read. I understand that the ML's dangerous job as a military commander and his utmost care and love for the FL but wtf was that ending? He was still alive and the FL even gave birth to their son but he chose to keep a distance from them like that. I'm super duper mad right now after reading the webtoons.
So for anyone planning to read, read it at the risk of your own heartbreak
Author Trả lời
Tên gì kệ tao Member 15:17 02/14 Báo vi phạm