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Boku no Hero Academia
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Boku no Hero Academia Manga is a continuous Japanese super hero manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.Izuku Midoriya was only a regular middle school pupil in a world where individuals with superpowers known as "Quirks" will be the standard. Nevertheless, he dreams of one day being a Hero, for lacking a Quirk, despite being intimidated by his classmates. The storyline follows Izuku's entry into U.A. High School , a school that educates the next generation of Heroes.

Boku no Hero Academia Manga
Main Characters in Boku no Hero Academia Manga

Izuku Midoriya
Nicknamed Deku, he's a lad who's exceptionally knowledgeable about fantasies and heroes to be one despite lacking a Quirk because of the characteristic being overly diluted to be transferred in his family, himself. Izuku is the first Quirkless Hero (beside his forerunner: all might), and joins other pupils in Y?ei High School's Class 1-A. He dislikes his nickname, but begins to enjoy it once Ochako remarks that he is given a vibe of never giving up by his nickname. Due to this, he chose to use "Deku" as his Hero name.
Katsuki Bakug?
Katsuki is among the youth friends and classmates of Izuku in class 1-A, whom Izuku calls Katchan. He possesses the Quirk Explosion, allowing burst and his palm perspiration to become nitroglycerin. He's made fun of Izuku for lacking the one that gave him his nickname as an abuse, as well as a Quirk since youth. Growing up being commended by men and women around him for accomplishments and his Quirk in comparison to Izuku, Katsuki believed that others, especially Izuku, are below him and became haughty. In the beginning of the show, he's a bully who regularly mocks those that he considers not strong as he believes that he's the most powerful. He ceases picking on Izuku after the latter's effort to save him from a villain, though he actually begins seeing that there many pupils possess greater and better quirks than him and reflecting on himself just after he was got the better of by Izuku in their conflict training.

Boku no Hero Academia AMW

Ochako Uraraka
Ochako is Katsuki's at Yuei High School and a classmate of Izuku. Her Quirk is Zero Gravity, allowing her to make any thing she touches with her fingertips float, if the skill is used by her an excessive amount, although she is going to become nauseous. She comes from a household of construction workers, and they may be poor since there's not much of a market for them. For this reason, so she is able to give her parents a simple life Ochako aspires to become a hero for cash.

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