Hidden Love 37.5℃

Hidden Love 37.5℃
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Li Shiyan and Zheng Rixun are best friends since childhood. They live next door, grow up together and now attend the same high school. They almost spend twelve hours a day hanging out together. Gradually both of them harbors a secret crush upon each other, though neither dares to confesses nor make the first move. As a heartthrob in school, Rixun is always badgered by girls wherever he goes, while Shiyan also bumps into guys every now and then, soon some misunderstanding occurs...

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Nguyen Yuto Member 06:29 02/22 Chapter 11 Báo vi phạm
I would choose C because I prefer give up in silence then tell that person because give up in silence mean we can be friend and we still friend then I can be close to that person even thought knowing that person doesn't love me I still would want to be friend even if it really hurt really hurt that you cant ended it sometimes.... but it the only way I can be next to her better then not be able to be next to her or even just a little talk 
I learn this from my mistake I told her how i feel now i cant see her anymore or even able to text or talk to her again 

So guys if you love a person and that is your friend then just stay friend unless you think I really love that person then try go for it for me I told her now I loss and it been 2 3 years I still cant forget her sometimes
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Iwatani Naofumi Member 17:10 12/18/19 Chapter 44 Báo vi phạm
Can't wait for the next chapter 👍
  • Author
    Mallory Anonymous 08:49 12/19/19 Report
    Like you
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Iwatani Naofumi Member 17:44 12/12/19 Chapter 43 Báo vi phạm
I love it can't wait for the next chapter 👍
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Iwatani Naofumi Member 21:59 12/05/19 Báo vi phạm
I love this 👍
  • Author
    .... Anonymous 18:43 01/02 Report
    Guy, i am the same!!!