Immortal Reverence Dad

Immortal Reverence Dad
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An undefeated immortal from three realms go to Earth to meet the mother of his daughter who they conceived when the immortal wandered into the woman's dream

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allan Anonymous 23 days ago Chapter 137 Báo vi phạm
its too long to get this scene to be done.. i want shen yi tondefeat the old man
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Gamer Čøđêx Member 08:26 09/14 Chapter 112 Báo vi phạm
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Mastery Pro Member 16:22 05/25 Báo vi phạm
cool chapter 31to 35 only have 1 page XD
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Umali John Member 03:52 05/24 Chapter 33 Báo vi phạm
what. the banana i wont to read this chapter
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Rivers Kenya Member 01:19 02/24 Chapter 1 Báo vi phạm
I see so the child was created through him and I'm guessing he picking her to be the child mother. I see he must have had sex with her through a dream and the child was created. So I'm guessing he going be forcing the child in her and putting himself in her life
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Kenya Anonymous 05:48 02/20 Báo vi phạm
How is that her daughter when it was said he made the child himself? Or did his power tell him he can pick a mom for her. It would be crazy if she agree to it since it don't seem like they had sex but the baby was made through his mind
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    Mastery Pro Member 06:37 02/22 Report
    In the first cap explain all that.