Imperial Edict

Imperial Edict
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    Campaigning Under Imperial Edict ; Complying with Imperial Edict ; Fengzhi chuzheng ; Повинуясь высочайшему указу ;

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    Lu lingjun

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    Comedy - Historical - Romance

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Imperial Edict Rating: 5/5 - 13 Votes.


In Xia Kingdom, the general's granddaughter, Situ Xiu, is an eerie existence. She isn't only weak and cowardly but she is also a stutterer! One day, her younger twin brother decided to run away on a whim after he was appointed young general... Meanwhile, the emperor, not knowing the situation, issued an imperial edict, sending her younger brother to the borders to defend the country from invaders! Under the circumstances, Miss Situ had no other choice than to pretend to be her younger brother and go fight the Cha kingdom's God of War...

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Angela Anonymous 18 days ago Báo vi phạm
I really would appreciate if you would upload at least 7 or more chapters a week, please. It's hard waiting for one chapter every 2 or 3 weeks are longer. I really love this drama, its very funny,exciting, full of candor, and the relationship that the General is having with the Young Capture General who is a girl is very amusing, touching, and funny. I love it and I would be truly grateful if you would pick up the pace and add more chapters, please at least 7 or 10 at one time a week, please. However, thank you for all that you have done and the work you have completed. But, do consider my suggestion I know that the other subscribers and fans will be most grateful as well.