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    キングダム (Japanese); 王者天下 (Chinese); Kingdom (English); Vương Giả Thiên Hạ (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV); Kerajaan (Indonesian - Malay); Reino (Portuguese); Королевство (Russian)

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    Hara Yasuhisa

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    Action - Adult - Adventure - Comedy - Drama - Historical - Martial Arts - Romance

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Kingdom Rating: 3.6/5 - 141 Votes.


Millions of years have passed since the times of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same. In these times it was the desires of man that moved the world. It is the era of the 500 year war - The Warring States period (403-222 BC in Chinese history). Kingdom is the story of a young boy named Shin who grew into a great general and all the trials and bloodshed that lead him there.

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MangaBull Anonymous 1 days ago Chapter 682 Báo vi phạm
read chapter 683 in
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Review - TOP Anonymous 01:42 11/16/20 Báo vi phạm
The best 18+ comics of mangahua
Practice healthy hands emo
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Trgghbb Anonymous 10:03 01/28/20 Chapter 628 Báo vi phạm
Ngọn lửa sinh mệnh của tín đã tắt từ lâu r
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sỉn Anonymous 16:52 10/18/19 Chapter 618 Báo vi phạm
cung bắn mất đầu, như rocket ý emo
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Hay Anonymous 16:32 05/02/19 Chapter 598 Báo vi phạm
Chém như chém chuối