Maou desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikon Shita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni Narimashit

Maou desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikon Shita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni Narimashit
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    I, the Demon Lord, got married to the female hero's mother making her my stepdaughter, I Am A Demon King. I Got Remarried to A Mother of A Brave Woman, So She Became My Daughter-In-Law.'; 魔王です。女勇者の母親と再婚したので、女勇者が義理の娘になりました。

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    Kisetsu Morita - Ikuhashi Muiko

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    Action - Comedy - Fantasy - Romance - Seinen

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Meet Galt Luzen, the Demon Lord. Well, the Demon Lord of his own continent, anyway. After his wife passed away, he gradually withdrew from his social life and started to do more of whatever Demon Lords do.

Enter Angelica, the Hero. Heroine. Whatever. She’s a paladin of goodness, who wants nothing more than to defeat the Demon Lord. However, she is no match for him and is utterly defeated.

As Galt is not a completely evil Demon Lord, he takes Angelica, still unconscious, as well as the other members of her party, back to their families so they can rest their wounds. As he is bringing back Angelica to her home, however, he meets her mother, Reitia - who is the splitting image of his former wife. As he and she bond over tea, Galt’s feelings get the better of him, and he proposes to Reitia on the spot. Surprisingly, she accepts.

How will Angelica cope with a literal demon for a stepfather? Can Galt take care of someone who has taken a blood oath to kill him? Just what are Demon Lords in this world, anyway, for them to nonchalantly treat the battles of good and evil as if they were sports? Read and find out.

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krozo Anonymous 00:28 01/12 Chapter 1 Báo vi phạm
he met her like 1 hour ago and hes already asking for marriage talk about the fastest marriage on that planet
Author Trả lời
Nagumo Hajime Member 22:04 09/19/19 Chapter 15 Báo vi phạm
Nếu là quỷ vương thì tui nghĩ vẽ sừng nên chỉnh lại đi chứ để cái sừng mọc ở gần tai nhìn chối quad
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Hffh Anonymous 22:37 08/24/19 Báo vi phạm
Main xau vc