Motokare ← Retry

Motokare ← Retry
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    Motokare Retry ; Otoko Tomodachi no Aji ; China at Zenryoku Kataomoi ; Barairo no Yuuutsu ; Kenzen na Kajitsu ; Wakuseikan Omamagoto Renai ; Motokare←Retry ; モトカレ←リトライ

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    Hanaya En

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    Drama - Romance - School Life - Shoujo - Smut

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This time i will say it honestly—there is only you. the person that i don't want to see the most in this world—"my ex-boyfriend"

During junior high school, Mitsu had her first boyfriend and first heartbreak. Without really resolving the problems between them, she is now a university student. This year, she definitely wants to have a new love, but unfortunately her ex-boyfriend Kaede is her neighbor! Five years have passed and now he is a popular guy, but his smile didn't change a bit. ...Gosh, love will bloom again... He knows all her weaknesses, she wanted to know about his previous girlfriends, and he led her to misunderstand by his kindness. Her ex-boyfriend is so troublesome!!!

But the thought of 'if we didn't break up that time' is unstoppable. Is a 'retry' with an ex-boyfriend okay!?

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Author Trả lời
sad Member 08:47 08/22/20 Chapter 8 Báo vi phạm
this is the reason why most of us hate the "creature" called an-opposite-sex-close-friend. "When you weren't there, I was the only one to cheer him up and help him overcome any obstacles". "Do you know what kind of food and drink he likes, oh maybe not but I know 'cause I have known him for MORE years than you"  Ya you're a fucking bitch ==
Author Trả lời
sad Member 14:02 08/17/20 Chapter 4 Báo vi phạm
so we have 2 boys who!!! i just want a normal smut manga!!!emo