The Duke of the Mount Deer

The Duke of the Mount Deer
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Lazy as a sloth, with a cuss flowing vulgarities, playful,carefree being, little Imp Wei Xiao Bao survived through dangers , he doesn't know martial arts let turn the Jiang hu and imperial court into his palm. As state , every step is filled with danger, every stage is hugging beauties.

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kkk Anonymous 16 days ago Báo vi phạm
If you seek romance or a love story, this is NOT for you.

The main character, Wei Xiao Bao, never knows what love/romance is. He grows up in a prostitution, which affects his mind, he just knows about sex.

Wei Xiao Bao is also not knowledgeable, he only knows how to read and write 4 letters in Chinese: one. two, three, and Xiao (the first 3 are very simple, the 4th one is his middle name).

But if you seek a sly character, who will revenge if he is insulted and blown, and a double agent main character. This is definitely for you.

My comment is based on the novel. This novel is quite famous in China and Vietnam: "The Deer and the Cauldron", "Duke of Mount Deer" (this is Xiao Bao's title which will be granted by the Emperor later), "Lộc Đỉnh Ký".
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:v :vv Member 24 days ago Báo vi phạm